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PAB Instructor Agreement

PAB Instructors renewing on-line agree to complete the following provisions and requirements:

1.    The Instructor agrees to follow the rules and regulations established by PAB Inc. as they exist now and are modified in the future.

2.   The Instructor agrees to follow and use the PAB Inc. Educational System, including but not limited to the PAB Instructor Manual, PEGS, Videos, Student manuals, manikins, etc.

3.   The Instructor agrees that while acting as a PAB Instructor, he/she will comport themselves in a professional manner that brings credit to themselves and to PAB Inc as well as the PAB Authorized center (where applicable).

4.   The Instructor agrees to maintain all documentation required by PAB Inc; the original copies must remain in the possession of the PAB Instructor for a period no less than 5 years after the completion date of the PAB Program.

5.   The Instructor agrees to provide access to these original copies to PAB Inc at anytime, or any agency or institution authorized by PAB Inc.

6.   The Instructor agrees to meet or exceed PAB Training Standards as they exist today and are modified in the future.

7.   The Instructor agrees to complete the procedure for re-certification annually, as stipulated by PAB Inc, including but not limited to the purchase and review of new materials and attendance of Update Conferences and Continuing Education.

8.   The Instructor understands and accepts that process of “Constant Evaluation” as established by PAB Inc. and/or the PAB Authorized Center (where applicable) as part of the annual re-certification process.

9.   The Instructor understands that if he/she allows PAB Professional Membership to lapse for a period of 6 months or more, PAB Inc. Headquarters will evaluate his/her PAB Instructor Renewal, and re-training or re-certification may be required as a provision for membership renewal. Renewal and Membership is not automatic and can be suspended at the discretion of PAB Inc.

10. The Instructor agrees to report immediately any and all accidents of any nature in which he/she has had direct participation.

11. The Instructor understands that as long as he/she maintains Active Teaching Status with PAB Inc., he/she may obtain teaching materials from PAB Authorized Centers (where applicable), from the PAB website at www.pabcpr.com, or from PAB Inc. directly.

12.  The Instructor understands that if he/she is convicted of a criminal offense, his/her PAB Professional Membership can be revoked immediately and without prior notice.

13.  The Instructor understands and accepts that he/she must have the proper training materials and equipment necessary for the correct application of the PAB Educational System.

14. The Instructor agrees to obtain Professional Liability Insurance (where required) and provide copy of the policy to PAB Inc as required for membership renewal. Said Insurance must offer protection against civil suits, damage and responsibility including loss of life, and must list PAB Inc. as additional insured. In areas where said insurance is required, the Instructor agrees that he/she will not conduct any type or level of training during any period with lapse of Professional Liability Insurance coverage.

15.  The Instructor understands that he/she is not an agent, employee or legal representative of PAB Inc. and has no authority to enter into any contract on behalf of PAB Inc.

16.  Due to the fact that PAB Inc. cannot directly supervise Instructors, the Education Process or Business Practices, it is clearly understood that PAB Certifications are issued only as a service to PAB Instructors.It is the responsibility of the Instructor to assure that each person who receives PAB Certification has completed all the requirements stipulated and published in the PAB Training Standards. The Instructor also agrees not to issue PAB Certification to any person who is unable to complete the requirements established for certification in the PAB Training Standards

17. The Instructor understands that Renewal is not simply the process of completion of this form and payment of dues. The Instructor renewal is reviewed and approved solely at the discretion of PAB Inc.

18.  The Instructor declares that he/she is not the subject of any investigation, action or procedure before or after signing this agreement, and that PAB Inc, at its discretion, can terminate this agreement at any time.

19.  The Instructor authorizes PAB Inc. to release any information involving him/her to any other agency with which he/she is a member.

20.  The Instructor authorizes any other agency with which he/she is a member to release any information involving him/her to PAB Inc.

21. The Instructor is responsible to pay all accounts with PAB Inc. Failure to pay accounts due will result in immediate loss of Active Status and will incur costs of interest, legal expenses and any other fees or expenses necessary to collect the debt.

22. The Instructor agrees that any payment made by credit card for goods or services with PAB Inc will not be disputed. Any type of discrepancy to be reported with regard to any charge made by PAB Inc that appears on his/her credit card statement will be brought to the attention of PAB Inc first, before taking any other action. PAB Inc will make every effort to resolve any discrepancy in a timely manner. The Instructor understands that in any situation where charges to his/her credit card are disputed directly to his/her bank or card-issuer prior to notifying PAB Inc, it will be cause for immediate suspension of PAB Active Teaching Status and may, at PAB Inc discretion, result in loss of PAB Professional Membership

23. The Instructor agrees not to represent himself/herself as an Active Status PAB Professional, nor offer or conduct PAB Training during any time when his/her PAB Professional Membership has lapsed or during anytime during which his/her membership is Inactive. The Instructor also agrees and understands that should he/she fail to complete any part of this agreement, his/her certification as a PAB Professional may be revoked immediately, at the sole discretion of PAB Inc, and in addition PAB Inc will take all legal action and remedies that result from this failure.

By sending your Renewal On-Line, The Instructor declares by the action of pressing the “Send” button that he/she has read, understands and agrees with the PAB Instructor Agreement.

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